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1. CREATE PLAN about Preventive Measures to Manage a Suspected Case.

2. KROTIRI RESORT has "Health First" Certificate, proving that Government Health and Safety Protocoles are being followed.

3. KROTIRI RESORT defines GEORGE ZIOUPOS (0030 697 250 1878) as COORDINATOR in order to supervise the implementation of the Plan and train the Staff.

4. KROTIRI RESORT cooperates with AEGEAN MEDICAL SERVICE, that provides secondary health care services and acts according to the instructions of Greek Health Org. for the control of COVID-19, TRANSFER and in particular is trained in taking a nasopharyngeal sample for molecular testing from a suspected case. COVID HOSPITAL - POLYGYROS.

5. We provide all necessary Means of Personal Protection (MPP) to our Staff: 1) Cotton Masks, 2) Face Shields and 3) Single use Gloves and Robes.

6. We renew the methods and practices of Cleaning and Disinfection. All members of the Staff are provided with Disinfecting Sprays for surfaces such as Benches, Shelves, Troleys, Furniture, Handles, Railes, Controls etc.

7. We provide FROISEPT-HAND GEL in all departments.

8. We follow the Basic Measures to Avoid Transmission of the virus:

  • Washing Hands regularly or use of Antiseptic Gel.
  • Physical Distancing.
  • Use the Elbow when Sneezing.
  • Avoid touching Mouth, Nose and Eyes with the hands.
  • Avoid Handshake.

9. Daily Thermometer of all members of the Staff. We keep Record.



  • We inform with Leaflets and Cards about Hygiene Measures. We have also created a page in our website www.krotiriresort.gr, COVID-19.
  • Regular Disinfection of Reception.
  • Place Key Cards in a pot for Disinfection.
  • Check OUT until 11:00 and Check IN from 15:00. This change is Obligatory in order to ensure diligent Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation of the room between different accomodations.


  • During accomodation, Cleaning every second day (avoiding personal contact of the staff with the guests). Daily Ventilation.
  • Change of Sheets and Towels every second day.


  •    Diligent Cleaning and Drying.
  •    Disinfection with ROOM FOGGER with one Capsule for 5 minutes with closed doors and Nobody in the room.
  •    Then we leave the Disinfectant to act for 15 minutes.
  •    Finally we Ventilate for 20 minutes.
  •    Each Capsule has unique bar code. We scan it with AgroSpeCom App and receive the Certificate for that specific Disinfection.
  •    The Disinfectant is approved from National Medicine Organization, has declaration of effectiveness against Covid-19, as well as a series of EN Certificates for safe contact with all materials and surfaces. It also diffuses without leaving spots.


  •    It requires Ventilation and Diligent Cleaning of all surfaces that the patient has touched such as Handles, Toilet etc.
  •    Cleaning Protocol of Departure-Arrival with Room Fogger.


  • We follow the Basic Measures to Avoid Transmission of the virus.
  • Regular Disinfection.
  • Place Antiseptic Gel in all Public Areas.
  • Avoid Overcrowding in Public Areas (4 persons/10 sq.m).
  • Avoid Overcrowding in WC's.
  • We recommend at WC's, the users to flash the toilet while the cover is down.
  • We follow Hygiene Measures in the Kitchen.
  • Do not enter in the Kitchen.
  • Regular Disinfection in Catering Areas.
  • Information about Basic Measures to Avoid Transmission of the virus.
  • Maximum Number of Persons, except Staff and according to the surface of the area is:
           a. One person per 2 sq.m for External area.
           b. One person per 3 sq.m for Internal area.
           c. Maximum Capacity per Table is 6 Persons.
  • The Entrance to the Restaurant is at the Lobby.
  • We provide Antiseptic Gel at the Entrance.
  • We extend Breakfast Operation Period to 8:30 - 11:00.
  • Breakfast is served Ala Carte.
  • Information about our Daily Menu in our Website www.krotiriresort.gr, DAILY MENU.
  • We provide individual packed accompaniments with drinks at the Bar.
  • No Internal activities (Mini Club) for kids.
  • Daily External activities for kids 17:00 - 22:00.
  • We recommend to children at high risk not to participate in team games.
  • Inform and sensitize Parents to comply and commit to keep their children close to them when they experience symptoms.
  • Continuous Recommendations to avoid overcrowding.
  • Wash hands with water and soap.
  • When Coughing or Sneezing, we cover the mouth and nose with the hand or a hankie. Then we throw the hankie in the waste bin and wash hands.
  • We avoid touching the Mouth, the Nose and the Eyes with the hands.
  • Regular Cleaning of Toys and Objects using gloves.
15. POOLS:
  • We follow the Basic Measures to Avoid Transmission of the virus.
  • Pool Users follow the Rules of personal hygiene written on the boards (wash hands, shower before entering the pool, use sleepers).
  • Maximum Number of Persons in the pool is one person per 5 sq.m. That means 40 persons each time in our Big Pool, 16 persons in our Middle Pool and 8 kids in the Kids Pool.
  • Pool Users should Comply with the instructions and recommendations by the Staff.
  • Regular Disinfection of Sunbeds and Tables.
  • In case of confirmed case, the pools are closed for 24 hours. The area is being cleaned and disinfected diligently with all provided means.
16. CLIMA:
  • We use Clima with Open Door or Window.
  • Enter the Shop one person at a time.
  • We provide Antiseptic Gel.
  • Good Ventilation.
  • We follow the Basic Measures to Avoid Transmission of the virus.
  • Regular Disinfection.
  • The Spa, the Gym and the Conference Room of the Hotel are going to remain closed as they are in the basement of the Main Building with no physical ventilation.
19. BEACH:
  • Distance between umbrellas from axis to axis is four meters.
  • Two sunbeds per umbrella, except Families with kids.
  • Regular Disinfection of Sunbeds and Tables.
  • Personal training is allowed. Team sports with physical contact are not allowed.


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