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Krotiri Resort Sithonia
Krotiri Resort Sithonia
Krotiri Resort Sithonia
Krotiri Resort Sithonia
Krotiri Resort Sithonia
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Dear friends, hello!

Thank you for the interest and preference that you show for our Hotel!


2010 was the Beginning...

In 2012 we added some more Rooms...

In 2013 we improved our Surroundings...

2014 we added even more "things"...

In 2016 we completed our Premises...

Every year we Maintain and Renew...

In 2020 COVID-19 "arrived"...

2021 arrived and WE are still Here!

In 2022 we renovate the Beach-bar.

2023... Kalimera ! ! !

2024 Finally Wi-Fi :)


Forget about stars, let's have a Good Time with Positive Energy! ! !

George and family Zioupos


A few words for our hotel:

  Krotiri Beach Resort is placed in Akti Salonikiou, Agios Nikolaos, a very beautiful and peaceful area in Sithonia, Halkidiki.

  The view to Mount Athos and the beautiful Landscape guarantee ideal conditions for Outstanding Vacation.

   Krotiri Resort is a Family Friendly Boutique Hotel consisting of 24 Junior Suites and 12 Superior Double rooms on a land of 15.000 square meters.



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Κωνσταντίνα  (August 2019)

Καταρχάς φτάνεις σε πολύ οικείο χώρο...γνωρίζεις τον Γιώργο και λές, α!!!εντάξει έχω έρθει σε φίλους...Προσέχει που θα σε βάλει,μιας και έχει πολλές παροχές για παιδιά,οπότε εμείς οι μη έχοντες θέλουμε και λίγη ησυχία.Το πρωινό είναι υψηλού επιπέδου,τα κρουασάν ζεστά και πεντανόστιμα,μου θύμισαν Παρίσι.Έξυπνο!!με κάποια 'τρικ' προσπαθεί να σε κάνει ξεχάσεις την καθημερινότητα σου...Όλη η ομάδα άψογη....Φιλιά Γιώργο μου από Κωνσταντίνα και Φραγκίσκο...Έχεις πλέον δύο φίλους στην Αθήνα...

Tatiana  (June 2012)

It is a wonderful place to run away from big city and relax. Thank you!

Zoran Jankovic  (August 2012)

Dear Mr George,
we arrived home with perfect impressions on our stay in Your hotel.
Accomodation, services, beach and sea were perfect.
And the most important was the great hospitality of You and Your staff.
Thank You for everything.

Lana  (August 2011)

Dear chika George and all of wonderfull Krotiri people, we had an amazing vacation,which we spend at Your resort. Everything was just perfect-and I really mean that. Room- so big and so clean every single day,food- just perfect, service-excellent. Beach is beautifull and clean, sea was so nice, pools also.Always clean and so relaxing.I was there with my family and 2,5 years old son-and I was always feeling like I was at home. George was always there with his big smile,always ready to help and answer all kinds of question. I have never seen that kind of service in Greece.This was my best vacation in past few years,thanks to all of You there. Thank You for that. We will see eachother again for sure, and I will recommend You whenever can!!!Regards from Belgrade from Matija, Milan, Dusanka&Lana

Goritsa Peter and Elitza Kunzovi  (October 2017)

Outstanding hotel! George and Keterina, Thank you once again for the wonderful experience! The hotel is exquisite, the rooms are large, comfortable, very modern, with clean lines but at the same time they feel luxurious. The view is breathtaking. The restaurant is located very smart, you may decide to have a sea view while having your meal of to overlook the garden, where all the pools are located and where the kids playground is. We observed our daughter play while having a dinner or drink. The food is very delicious, the staff is super polite and always there to help. The beach is in front of the hotel and there is always someone to ask you if you need a drink, coffee etc. We would definitely return! I highly recommend this wonderful place ...

Marina Mudrenovic  (October 2011)

It was a lovely summer holiday with my family. The rooms are beautiful and very spacious, the beach is nice, the food was not very good at the beginning but it was improving every day. The staff was very helpful and rooms were very clean. The big garden was very convinient for the kids. We would come here again.

Rudolf Hirt  (September 2021)

Dear Giorgios and family Zioupou.We would like to thank you for this great time in your resort. We enjoied the beautiful hotel, the clean and spacious rooms, the lovely beach and the exquisite restaurant. But most of all we enjoiyed the very friendly and familiar atmosphere. See you next time.

Σταύρος και Λαμπρινή  (August 2015)

Krotiri is a great Hotel to stay for a relaxing holiday close to the beach. The building is very new and well maintained and the rooms are really big and airy. Rooms are kept clean and towels and sheets are changed frequently enough. The breakfast has a wide variety of foods to choose from, while the restaurant has nice home-cooked style dishes in very logical prices. The personnel is fantastic, very helpful and efficient. A big thank you to the owners and the personnel! The massage-spa is a great addition and the lady working there is a good professional. The swimming pools are great and well looked after. We will re-visit soon.

Aspa Stergiopoulou  (September 2011)

We just spent a lovely weekend with our 2-year-old daughter in Krotiri.

A really beautiful hotel. I will agree with all those who say that the staff is really friendly and ready to assist you any time.

The room we stayed in was really clean and the balcony huge! As for the view…it helps you relax in no time.

The pools are clean. I do not know about the beach as we did not leave the hotel at all.

Last but not least, my congratulations to the chef! Delicious food.

See you again next year!

ΝΙΚΟΛΑΣ  (July 2012)

"Οργανωμένο και άνετο περιβάλλον

Χαμογελαστό προσωπικό

Μοντέρνες εγκαταστάσεις


Σπιτικό φαγητό

Θα ξαναρθούμε!


Νικόλας & Μαρία"

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